Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hello everyone,
This blog is intended to be partly serious, partly as a joke. I've always thought of post-apocalyptic survival as an interesting topic, so the topic of this blog will be those things easily accessible to the common person that will be most useful in a survival situation. Now, "survival situation" is a very broad topic, so on each post I will specify the scenario (some examples off the top of my head: desert wasteland, deserted city, new Ice Age)
I encourage discussion and debate here; I am not pretending to be an authority, nor will I pretend that what I am saying has any researched or authoritative basis. What is said here is meant to be useful to a degree, but it is primarily for entertainment.
With all of that said, I intend to post once a week or so; this is my first blog, so I don't really know how often people generally post. Also, if anyone has any comments, etc, let me know!


  1. Haha sounds interesting, will definitely follow!

  2. I love post-apocalyptic fiction. What kind of scenarios are you going to cover?

    I'm beginning a blog about simple self-reliant living. Some people think emergency preparedness is just paranoia, but tell that too anyone who lived Chernobyl, Northern Japan, Katrina victims, flooding victims, refugees, and anyone hit by a man made or natural disaster.

    While these aren't exactly all long term or global post-apocalypses, there are many instances of cultures and people that died out or moved after they sealed their fate with a lack of planning, overpopulation, hubris, or a climate change. There are ruins of massive civilizations in India, the Mayans, Easter Island, Mesa Verde... I could go on.

    Sometimes your world ends and you have to adapt. Followed :)